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Conversation Preparation:   Enter Difficult Conversations with Confidence and Clarity

Have you been avoiding a difficult conversation in your life? Conversation Preparation service can help. In this 60-minute session, together we will lay down a foundation for your conversation, process any nerves that arise, and empower you to enter your difficult conversation calm, clear, and set up for success.

What to Expect from a Conversation Preparation Session

During your Conversation Preparation, together we will identify your objectives for the conversation and any potential obstacles that may arise. You will be provided with strategies to stay calm and focused, as well as techniques for effective communication in difficult situations and speak your needs with ease. By the end of the session, you'll feel empowered and ready to tackle your difficult conversation with confidence.

Establishing a Foundation for Your Conversation

One of the key components of our Conversation Preparation service is laying down a foundation for your conversation. We will help you identify your objectives, strategize how best to be understood by your audience, and craft an attainable plan for achieving it. This will help you enter the conversation feeling confident and in control.

Processing Nerves and Anxiety for Difficult Conversations

Nerves and anxiety are common when preparing for a difficult conversation. I’ll work with you to process any nervous feelings that arise, so you can enter the conversation with a clear and calm mind. I will provide you with strategies to manage your emotions and stay focused on your objectives. (Here’s an early tip - take a deep breath before you speak.)

Empowering You for Success

The ultimate goal is to empower you to problem solve within your own life through direct communication. I will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to communicate effectively and be understood, manage your emotions, and achieve your desired outcome. With our Conversation Preparation session, you can enter your conversation with confidence and clarity, knowing that you're prepared for success. And imagine how good you’ll feel when this conversation is completed and behind you!

Conversation Prep can apply towards any conversation... And I mean ANY:

  • Coming out to your family 

  • Asking for a raise 

  • Setting a boundary  

  • Sharing a secret 

  • Ending a relationship  

  • Asking for help 

  • Learning to say No 

  • And many, many more

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