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Conversation Prep

Conversation Prep is a 60-minute session where together, we will lay down a foundation for this conversation, process the nerves that arise, and empower you to enter calm, clear, and set up for success.

This is for THAT conversation. You know the one. The one you need to have, but you’ve been avoiding it. Because it's big. Or hard. Or scary. I get it.  

We call these Difficult Conversations, also known as Important Conversations - Because if it weren’t Important, it wouldn’t feel Difficult.

These are conversations that weigh on us, that we talk ourselves out of having over and over, where the thought of initiating it makes our heartbeat like it’s going to erupt from your chest.

But what if you had someone in your corner to help you prepare?

Someone to guide you towards truly understanding what you want and hold space for you to practice finding your words with clarity, and support you as you work through the emotions that come up as you do?

Just think of how you’ll feel when this burden has been lifted.
Think of how freeing it will feel when your truth has been shared on your terms.
Think of what you’ll be capable of when you know how to speak up for your needs.

Conversation Prep can apply towards any conversation... And I mean ANY:

  • Coming out to your family 

  • Asking for a raise 

  • Setting a boundary  

  • Sharing a secret 

  • Ending a relationship  

  • Asking for help 

  • Learning to say No 

  • And many, many more