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Hey There.

My name is Kelly Whitaker 

And I am a deeply terrible liar.

This doesn’t come from a moral or philosophical place, but a practical one. Lying has just never made sense to me. 

The way I see it, clear, direct, and honest communication is the only way to
Get what you need;
Or get to know people;
Or handle a mistake;
Or apologize.

Because the people around me deserve to have all the facts! That way, everyone knows where you stand, and it increases the odds of things turning out ok.

Lying always got in the way; it made things vague and convoluted, slowing down the action. (Plus I just can’t handle a lie - my constitution is simply too delicate to sustain under the burden of an untruth.)

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But moreover, how can people get to know you - the real you -  if you don’t show them?


The tired cliché is that "the truth will set you free".
But it's a cliché for a reason. It can. And it has. And it will.

Uncovering, accepting, and sharing my truth has

  • Released me from jobs that made me miserable 

  • Unhooked me from dead-end, toxic relationships 

  • Created new career opportunities that light me up 

  • Gained me joyful, authentic, ridiculous friendships sustaining decades 

  • Deepened Trust with people around me through owning my mistakes (and OH, there have been mistakes.)

  • Tee’d me up to receive what I ask for

It is a lifetime of this Radical Honesty combined with a rowdy career path as a tour guide, fundraiser, event  planner, Disaster Response trainer, recruiter, and actor that feeds my work as a communication coach. 

Because what is communication if not the compassionate need to be authentically understood, to the good of all?

The work we do here is dedicated to taking the fear out of communication, building that critical skill in a way that will serve you for the rest of your life.

Our time on this earth is short - too short to not get what our hearts desire.
You will never receive what you want if you aren’t willing to ask for it.
So let’s Go Get It. Together. ⚡️

Everyone deserves to be Seen, Heard, and Understood. 

Kelly is a trained Life Coach, educated by the Inner Glow Circle, an ICF-certified coaching accrediting program. She is also a proud member of the 2022 Leaders Rising Cohort.


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