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Public Speaking Intensive

Do you have a public speaking opportunity, presentation, or speech coming up that you're dreading?


Does this struggle hold you back professionally or personally?

Does this anxiety take a toll on your mental health?


75% of people are afraid of public speaking (a phobia known as glossophobia).

In my professional opinion, that is far too many people.
What would you be capable of if you no longer carried that fear with you?
Or even better: what if public speaking became….. Fun?

Release your Fear of Public Speaking

The Public Speaking Intensive is designed to release the fear and anxiety around public speaking - For Good.

About the Course: 

In this 6-week course, we will partner to develop custom mental strategies and physical techniques specifically to fit you and your needs. Through mindset shifting, fear confrontation, and lots (and lots) of practice, you will emerge with the capability to hold your own and address a group of any size to  showcase yourself as a Master of your Subject matter.

Is this Right for Me?

This course is for anyone who is ready to release the fear around public speaking and showcase themselves with confidence and authority, all in your own authentic voice.
If public speaking makes you panic, consider this intensive to Level Up your capabilities. Aren't you ready to live your life without that fear weighing you down?

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