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"I have used Kelly for both personal and professional conversation guidance. In each session, Kelly pushed me to be honest about what I wanted to get out of the exchange and then coached me through how to communicate that so I had the best chance of walking away with my ideal outcome. Her service helped me salvage a friendship and lock down a promotion I’d been working toward for years. Kelly functions as an advisor, a therapist, and a friend all in one. If you're thinking about hiring her, do yourself a favor and book a session. It will easily be the best thing you do for yourself."


"Kelly’s depth, intuition and energy led me into new spaces and realizations. Kelly creates a safe and personal, yet professional space of exploration and motivation. Our sessions really led me to level up in several areas of my life, both personally and professionally."


"Kelly helped me at a time when I needed it most! Not only did she provide the best advice and a listening ear, she was able to show me through the points I needed to address in my own life. This then lead into important conversations that I needed to have with those around me, so that I could effectively communicate my needs and start living life on my own terms. She honestly does it all."


"Kelly is insightful, warm, and gives constructive feedback that actually feels constructive. She helped me think through my nerves about a “difficult” conversation I needed to have at work and gave me some great tips on how to manage myself during that conversation. Thank you Kelly!"


"Kelly is an excellent communicator and has helped me formulate a game plan for important conversations on multiple occasions. She is thorough, professional, thoughtful, and genuinely cares about your results. Her casual demeanor coupled with her nonjudgmental approach helped to create a safe space where I could speak from my heart. Then she took what I wanted to convey and helped me put it in a way that would have a positive impression on the listener. I think everyone could benefit from a conversation coach and I WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend Kelly's services."


"Kelly is phenomenal. She is personable, friendly, and very insightful, She will cut through your BS. She makes you feel comfortable and heard. Definitely recommend" 👍👍👍👍👍👍


"Talking directly to family and partners is often times a struggle for me. When I’m asking for something I tend to offer more of myself than what I’m even asking for. Kelly helped me understand the value of asking for what you want, and had the patience and respect to talk to me at my own pace and language. I am so thankful for Kelly as a conversation resource I’ve already gone back to her twice for workplace and family conversations. I’m very thankful for her."


"Kelly is a wonderful coach! There was a difficult conversation I needed to have with a colleague and she talked me through it with expertise and empathy. She is a stellar communicator and so supportive. I look forward to working with her again!"


"I can’t recommend Kelly enough!!! If you need help with a tough conversation, she’s your gal! I was really nervous about an important conversation I was very overdue to have with my boss. I luckily came across Kelly’s services. I was so blown away with how professional she was. She really took the time to understand me and my particular situation. Her communication skills are off the charts. Plus not only is she professional but she’s caring and has the best sense of humor. If this is a service you need, you must reach out and hire Kelly immediately! What are you waiting for, you won’t be disappointed!!! 20 out of 10 would recommend!"


"Kelly is a consummate professional and also a joyful and warm spirit, a combination in short supply. In my exchanges with her, she’s made me laugh as often as she’s made me think, and she’s helped me learn to value my voice and advocate aggressively but peacefully for my well-being. In a world with so many voices speaking at once, it can be hard to hear yourself. Let Kelly be your amplifier."


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