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Speaking Engagements 

One part practical,
One part mental,
With a dash of jokes and a generous side of humanity, I offer a series of public speaking presentations that are truly one of a kind. 

Presentations to Inspire

This series of presentations focuses on specific communication based skills and inspire audiences to: 

  • Stop avoiding difficult conversations and speak up for themselves

  • Tap into their authentic voices, especially in challenging situations

  • Evolve into a stronger, more effective leader

  • Take the fear out of public speaking - for good!


For All Events, For All Audiences  

Ideal for summits, conferences, trainings, or otherwise, Communication Presentations are a vibrant source of information, motivation, action for audiences of all ages and experiences, in service of growing this vital skill.

Current Topic Offerings 

  • Let's Discuss That Conversation You've been Avoiding
    You know the one... it's that issue you've been hoping will somehow work itself out, but it weighs on you every day. 
    Let me share with you my strategies to prepare yourself for this convo and accessible techniques to conduct the talk with ease (no matter how tense), in service of releasing that anxiety and seeking a solution for all parties. 

  • How to be Dazzlingly Authentic & Wildly Effective at Work
    What would happen if you released your true authentic self into your professional environment? Let all the weird, silly, eccentric bits emerge?
    It can be an intimidating balance to find, but marvelous things can happen when you do. 

  • Resolve Team Tension - Communication Tools for Conflict-Averse Leaders
    This one goes out to all the conflict - avoidant leaders in the house. 
    Throw out the leadership books, stop with the "all team meetings", and bail on the mass emails, because those band-aids aren't the long-term solutions you and your team deserve. 
    Featuring best-practices for clear and confident communication to identify and address the root of the issue to find solutions - for good. 

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