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Communication Workshops 

Do you have a group who could benefit from a communication level-up?

Something tells me you might.


Not for nothin', isn't it just more fun to take on a new challenge when surrounded with good company?


Skill Building as a Group 

Group workshops are a smashing way to bring people together and make real, shared progress towards a skill in a sustainable way. Whether it's for a retreat, conference, or professional skill-building, Communication
Workshops create a uniquely collaborative environment, dedicated to providing lasting, tangible communication skills to be applied towards countless real-life situations.

What do Communication Workshops Include?

All workshops will include engaging instruction, guided activities, accessible tips, tricks & strategy, and continued opportunities to practice, collaborate, and bond.
These sessions will have participants walking away with a deeper understanding of self and techniques to speak up for themselves with more confidence and impact.

Current Workshop Offerings:

  • Communication for All 
    A practical guide to best practices for clear and effective communication. 

  • How to Nail a Difficult Conversation
    A step-by-step guide for preparing for and delivering the vital conversations you would otherwise avoid.

  • Confidence in Communication 
    Mental strategies and practical techniques in service of ditching fears and speaking up as your fiercest self. 

  • The Art of Direct Communication 
    A deep dive into the benefits of direct communication and how to find the proper tone without coming across pointed or isolating your audience. 

Do you have a specific workshop need that is not covered in the above offerings? Custom workshops are available - 
Book a consultation now to discuss your needs.


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