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Communication Building

Communication Building is a 4 - 12 week intensive coaching program dedicated to building confidence towards speaking up for yourself in all settings, with a hearty side dish of understanding what’s been keeping you from speaking up and releasing that once and for all. 

In our society, communication is something that is expected, but not necessarily taught.
And no matter how you slice it, it just isn’t something that comes easily to everyone. Sometimes you can freeze up or get tongue tied. Other times you avoid it entirely, closing yourself off to endless possibilities. 

But the great news is, it can be learned! It is a skill - and like all skills, developing it takes practice. Having the confidence to communicate effectively will serve all areas of your life: relationships, professional, personal - it may even transform you into the life of the party.

This is a service for anyone who’s tired of feeling nervous about speaking up. People who are no longer willing to let communication barriers ruin their relationships. People who are shy. People who get anxious about public speaking. People with the tendency to ramble. People seeking to set boundaries (or learn how to say No and mean it). People ready to open up and share.
Anyone who has said “I’m just not good at communication”.
And above all, anyone who desires to be seen, heard, and understood.

This work will be dedicated to helping you:

  • Name and abandon the fear 

  • Refine and build your communication abilities 

  • Practice until it isn’t scary anymore 

  • Practice until it’s fun, even.

  • Enter into social situations with ease and swagger.