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Professional Partnership

I will collaborate closely with your team to create an open, growth-oriented, thriving environment. This is Big Picture Work, dedicated to creating a healthy and sustainable workplace that is welcoming for all, rooted in committing to a culture of clear, direct, and productive communication. 

What makes a professional environment sustainable?
What makes people committed to staying on a team?
What makes an effective and impactful leader? 
What gains a customer or clients loyalty? 

I hope it doesn’t shock you that the answer to this is…. Communication.

An environment of open and respectful communication is a critical building block in the foundation of a positive and sustainable business. Every aspect of success, internally and externally, relies on nurturing a culture of support and growth.
This starts with the leadership team and trickles down to the newest employee, which expands outwards towards overall effectiveness and achievements. If that flow is blocked or neglected, a business can become stagnant.  And nobody wants that. 

This can include (but is certainly not limited to):

Team Investing:

  • Customer Service
    (Contrary to popular belief, the customer is not always right. Your team deserves to hold that line with firm dignity.) 

  • Handling angry customers 

  • Company ambassadorship 

  • Confidence building

Leadership Refining:

  • Delivering effective feedback 

  • Leading meetings 

  • Onboarding & training

  • Interviewing 

  • Firing with grace

Skill Building:

  • Public speaking 

  • Presentation giving 

  • Phone skills 

  • Professionalism 

  • Email composition